Thursday, September 23, 2010

When God Smiles on Me

You know those brief moments in life, (I actually believe they happen everyday, and we can notice them if we choose to stop and realize them for what they are,) when the stars align just perfectly and things just fall into place and go the way you want them to?

Just a few moments ago I had one of those.

It's a rainy cold day today, so when the boys came home from school we made popcorn and apples and juice, and then proceeded to make chocolate & peanut butter chip cookies. I realize now that this was quite brave of me, since I had no idea how long Kellan would be happy for, and making cookies is a bit of a commitment.

I had gotten to the second to the last pan to go in the oven, when Kellan had had enough. When I looked at the clock I couldn't believe he lasted for as long as he had. He needed to be changed and nursed and put down to nap. I had just put the cookies in the oven and had less than 9 minutes to get this all done.

Just as Kellan fell asleep in my arms nursing, and I got up to go put him in bed, the timer went off. How perfect is that.

It's these times, some are just little, like this afternoon, and others are huge in life, that cause me to believe that God is smiling on me. Because any other time, I would have a screaming baby that refused to go down for a nap or refuse to quit nursing, and majorly burnt cookies.

Have a beautiful day.

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