Monday, May 31, 2010

Freedom Isn't Free

Every single day I am so thankful to live in this wonderful country. I know that it is far from perfect.....there is no such place on earth....(except perhaps a tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific with no phone service). I am so blessed. I am so fortunate to be able to live in a place that allows me to basically do whatever I want, whenever I want. I don't have to answer to a dictatorship government, and I don't have to live in fear that my political, religious, or ideological thoughts and convictions could lead to my death.
I am so thankful to all the the thousands and thousands of men and women who have and who currently sacrifice their time and energy, and even at times their own lives to support and protect the freedoms and way of life that I enjoy, and that so many in this country take for granted each and every day.

My Grandfather on my mother's side served in the Army in WWll, my own father served in the Air Force and flew planes during the Vietnam Era, and I currently have friends and family members who are enlisted in the service and have served multiple tours in Iraq; have been in very precarious situations, and have made it out safely. I thank God every day that their lives were spared, when so many others were not. I am thankful to all the families of those who have served as well. I can't even imagine what it would be like to first of all be separated from a father, or mother, son or daughter for an extended period of time, and then have on top of that, the fact that there is always that chance that they might not come home.

Even if you don't agree with certain political agendas, or war.....please know that you live your life in this country at a cost. There is a price for everything in this world. Freedom is not free. Throughout history there have been those who have risked it all that we may be where we are today.

Please take a small moment out of your day to give thanks that you are fortunate to live where you do and how you do, and remember that there have been so many before us, and currently now, that protect that.
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stripped Down

I watched an Oprah today I had Tivo'd. It was amazing. It really got me thinking about my own life and how much stuff I have that I don't need. That I don't use. I started thinking about how so much of what is around me is a metaphor for my life. I try to fill my life with things. When my father died when I was 2 1/2, something went missing from inside of me. There was a huge void left there. And for over 32 years now, I have been trying to fill up that void with any number of things.....and believe me, I have gone through the list.....drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, food, purses, shoes, patterned paper, crap for my house, and so on and so on. It's so sad. I have clothes in my closet that have been there for years with the tags still on them.
I miss my dad. I know it sounds funny, because if you really think about it, I never really knew him. I guess in actuality I miss what he would have been in my life. I wish my kids could have known him. I wish I could have known him.
I think of all the "things" we have in life that fill up our time, our homes, our lives, that keep us from really being happy. From truly making progress. Sometimes I feel like I fill my time up with "worthwhile" things, while I neglect my children. Sometimes I feel so afraid of getting close to them, because if heaven forbid something were to happen to them, I don't know what I would do, so it just seems safer to keep a bit of distance. Don't' get me wrong, I absolutely love my 4 boys more than anything in the world. It's just that I have already experienced that kind of loss in my life, and sometimes I think that it would kill me if I were to experience that again. I know, though that it is inevitable that I will.
That's where my Savior, Jesus Christ comes in. He takes the things that I cannot do on my own. There are not words for the gratitude I feel for that precious gift of companionship that He bestows upon me. I could not exist without it.
This post has been quite cathartic. There is so much more I could say, but it will have to wait for another time......I have a pile of wet laundry on my lap that I need to hang to dry.......
Have a beautiful day.


There are days when tears of joy just wont stop. Especially lately. I feel so much of the time that I do not deserve all that I have been given.

My four boys are the joy of my life. My fourth son, born not quite 5 weeks ago, has brought this to the forefront of my mind on a daily basis lately.

I have four happy, healthy children. I have a warm and safe home in which to raise them.

I have a caring, hard working husband who loves me, although I give him a thousand reasons not to.

I have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior, who know me personally and want what is best for me, as They do for each and every other person on this earth.

I wish that I could give this knowledge to everyone out there who is sad or lonely.....those who are struggling in their lives.

God is good. Life is good. It is we who mess it up for ourselves. Today I am going to try not to mess it up.
Have a beautiful day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

As if I have the time

For those of you who know me well, you are most likely thinking something to the effect of "is she crazy?". And for those of you who know me even better, you already know that I am.

I was inspired to begin this new blog today by a woman named Stephanie Nielson. Perhaps you have heard of her.....perhaps you saw her on Oprah months ago as I did. If you do not yet know about this amazing woman, you can check her out here.

I wanted a place where I could free my thoughts and write about my everyday joys and struggles in my journey through life. I felt that my stamping blog was not the place to do this, nor was my kids' blog a place for it either.....and so this blog was born.

I love the journey that I am on, and want everyone else out there in the world to love their journey as well. If we all could love the path that we are on, wouldn't this world be a much more beautiful place? So here is my advice today.....if you don't love your journey, love the path that you are on in this life.....make the changes in you life so that you do. Do I have all the answers, no. I do know one thing for sure, though, that if you love yourself, and love where you will be surprised at how everything else will fall into place.

Have a beautiful day!