Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Eve of Change

This past week has been a whirlwind!
Here we are the night before a new school year. I cannot believe its here. So many thoughts and emotions running through me.
I get so set and comfortable with certain routines (or lack of them during the summer) and it is tough for me to change.
We went up to school this afternoon for the open house so the kids could meet their teachers and see their classrooms. Its hard to get used to new teachers, and I'm not even the one going to school!
I wish the best for my boys. I want them to be able to adapt and be able to flourish in many different circumstances.
I am trusting that the Lord in His infinite wisdom is placing them where they need to be in order for them to learn and grow and be the best that they can be to reach their full potential. I just hope that I am doing my best to usher them along!
This summer brought on so many new things for me. From the new baby, to thoughts, hopes and aspirations of a new home, sometimes I have felt that I'm not hitting the mark, that I should be "somewhere else" in my life. Yet the other night I had this complete deja vu - I guess that would be the best way to explain it, and I just had this complete feeling of peace come over me that I am in fact exactly where I need to be in life and that I just need to keep plunking along.
I have made some huge revelations about myself this summer, about how and why I do certain things and am the way I am. Some of these are in need of a major overhaul....and I am working on them daily. It's so tough sometimes though, to feel that there is so much ground to cover to become what I want to be. For now I just have to settle to be a little better and to stand a little taller that I was the day before!
Have a beautiful day!

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