Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This years' Christmas has been a bit strange for me. It seemed as if I waited and waited for it to arrive, and then it all came on so very fast. I didin't feel like I was able to enjoy things the way I wanted to or the way I have been able to in years past.

On Christmas Day, after all the presents were opened and everyone had eaten a delicious breakfast, I sat down and seriously contemplated taking down Christmas. I looked over to Kerry, who was deeply involved in one of his new books, and asked if it would be crazy to take down the tree right then and there. He told me, that yes, it would in fact be crazy to take down the tree, as it was still Christmas day.

I relented and the tree is still up. Although last night I was able to get everything else packed up and put away in the garage. It feels so good to have my house back to 'normal' again. It always amazes me at how empty it feels when all the excess stuff has been packed away.

As I was packing up all of the Christmas things, I began to think about the coming year and how it is going to be getting out of the holiday mode and bakc int olife in the new year.

I know we all have resolutions and goals for the coming year. In the past I have found that arriving at the goal is not where it's at. It is the journey. And as life itself is the largest of journeys, I just hope that I can be better in the coming year than I was in the past. It's baby steps really, but I find that those baby steps added together always seem to carry me the greatest distance.

What are you hoping for in the new year? I hope that you can take a little time in your busy days to reflect about what you want in life and how to truly achieve it. I hope that I can do this for myself as well. Thanks to all of you who visit me here. I really do appreciate your comments and thoughts and emails regarding the things that I share here.

It is my most sincere wish that all of you have a most splendid beginning to the new year!

Thanks for stopping by.

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