Monday, January 10, 2011

I AM...

a mother of 4 boys
a wife
a procrastinator
a lover of music
a short-order cook
an idealist
a worrier
a HUGE football fan
a survivor
a daughter
a church goer
a paper crafter
an only child
an avid book reader
a coupon clipper
a runner
a beach bum
a TV watcher
a singer
a laundry folder
a homework helper
a blogger
a friend
a gardener
a dog walker
a cat owner
a chocolate lover
a shoulder to cry on
a creator
a taxi driver
a soccer mom
a skeptic
a business owner
a creature of habit
a pinochle player
a movie goer
a volunteer
a golfer
a night owl

I am also none of these things.

I am a Child Of GOD.

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