Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plight of the Laundry

Just had to share my amusing (now) experience from yesterday.
As Kellan was laying in my bed yesterday morning, because that is where he wakes up every morning, which is an entirely different story, he managed to leak through his diaper, through his fuzzy pajamas, the blanket that was wrapped around him, and soaked my sheets.

So I had to wash all the sheets, big deal.

I already had a bunch of laundry going, so I just added all my sheets to the line-up. Late in the afternoon, I managed to get the mattress pad back on the bed, but was still waiting for the sheets to finish in the dryer.

Finally at about 7pm, the sheets finished and I brought them upstairs and threw them into a pile on the bed, and went to get Kellan out of the bathroom from taking a shower with dad!

I proceeded to lay Kellan up on my bed and he was being so cute, all fresh from his shower, and wrapped in his towel, that I had to get a picture of him. I ran out and grabbed my camera, and when I returned, he had managed to pee all over my newly washed bed.

Good times.

So back into the washing machine went my mattress pad for the second time that day. And my bed did not get made earlier on in the evening like I had hoped. I swear there is something in the universe that won't allow me to have my bed made before 11pm. Even if I get the sheets all washed before lunch!

And by the way, I went ahead and took the pictures anyway.

Thanks for stopping by!

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