Saturday, May 29, 2010


There are days when tears of joy just wont stop. Especially lately. I feel so much of the time that I do not deserve all that I have been given.

My four boys are the joy of my life. My fourth son, born not quite 5 weeks ago, has brought this to the forefront of my mind on a daily basis lately.

I have four happy, healthy children. I have a warm and safe home in which to raise them.

I have a caring, hard working husband who loves me, although I give him a thousand reasons not to.

I have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior, who know me personally and want what is best for me, as They do for each and every other person on this earth.

I wish that I could give this knowledge to everyone out there who is sad or lonely.....those who are struggling in their lives.

God is good. Life is good. It is we who mess it up for ourselves. Today I am going to try not to mess it up.
Have a beautiful day!

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