Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pain Pills & An Angel in Disguise

The past 4 days have been from a different world.

I wish I could remember them better. That would be the fault of the narcotics.

Last May I had a filling done in one of my teeth that my dentist told me was pretty extensive and could possibly need a root canal....we would just have to see how it went.

It has been fine for the past 4 months or more.

Until Tuesday.

Out of the blue on Tuesday night, the pain just came out of nowhere. I took a bunch of Ibuprofen, and put a hot pack on my face and tried to get some sleep.

Wednesday morning it was about the same. I put a call in to my dentist, and when they got back to me the answer was in the form of 2 prescriptions and an appointment set for Monday to go in and open it up and get all the nasty nerve out to relieve the pain, and then set up an appointment for a root canal to get it all finished up.

This was a good idea until Thursday night. The pain was so severe, even with twice the amount of Vicidin.

Friday morning, I called my dentist at home, (he is not in the office on Fridays) and waited for a return call from him. The kids did not have school on Friday, which made things even better, and by 9:30 am, I was completely beside myself, balling my eyes out, calling my mom to come and help me out, with what exactly, I wasn't sure, but when you feel like crap it's always nice to have mom around!

After a few phone calls and run around with nurses and such, the decision was made to go to urgent care to see what they could do for me there. My dentist had called back and was willing to see me Saturday morning to open things up, but was tied up for the day and was not able to do anything for me at the present time.

After sitting at Urgent Care for an hour, I was able to get some stronger narcotics and so we headed home.

By 4pm that afternoon, not even the stronger drugs were working. I was completely beside myself, and not in my right mind after all the drugs that were doing nothing for my pain, but completely messing with my ability to think normal.

At about 5:30 my mom showed up at my house and said that she had talked to a friend whose son is a dentist and was willing to meet us at his office and try to fix my pain.
So we got in the car and drove the almost hour up to Arlington to Dr. Thomas' office. He was there with his 12 year old son, and together they had me in the chair, hooked me up to some nitrous, and away he worked.

There are some more details from last night, but I'm not entirely sure of how to put them into words yet, so maybe sometime in the future, I will talk about this event some more.
For right now, I am just grateful for Dr. Steve Thomas. He was my angel last night. I am so thankful that God answers prayers and that Steve was able to help me out in my hour of need.

There was no way I would have been able to make it through last night without having that procedure done.

I am so thankful that there are people in this world that are willing to help others and make sacrifices in their lives for the benefit of others. Without asking for anything in return.Today I woke up and felt like a new person.
No pain.
At all.

Have a beautiful day!

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