Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There was Yesterday.....

and then there was today.

I am so amazed that two days can be so different from one another, and the only thing really that separates them is about 7 hours of sleep....or in my case I believe I got somewhere between 2 & 3 hours last night. And yet today is still by far worlds better than yesterday.

The highlight of my day yesterday was an entire pitcher of Kiwi Strawberry Crystal Light being dumped out on the floor by my 7 year old, Dylan. But wait, it gets better. It happened at the exact moment that Kerry left with Cody for soccer practice, and I was about to sit down and nurse Kellan. He was quite hungry. So I put Kellan on my bed and asked Sam to try to watch him and keep him company (mostly just try to keep him from crying) while I cleaned up the spill (on both the wood and carpet, mind you) with Dylan.

While we are cleaning up, Sam manages to take a bead necklace of mine and wrap it around his wrist so tight that it broke and beads went all over the bead where Kellan was. These beads were about the size of marbles......just perfect for a baby to choke on. When I came into the room to check on them, Sam was shoving all the beads from the broken necklace under my night stand to hide them, because he didn't want me to know that he had broken it. There were beads still all around the baby.....I am so blessed that he didn't get a hold of any and choke on them.

Thank Heaven that God looks after me, or I would have slipped in the juice and torn my ACL, and would have had a choking or dead baby!!!!
Good times in the Winkelman household!

I am please to say that today is much better, or more mellow, should I say. But the "wrecking crew" has not descended upon my house yet from school.

I did though, as I was cleaning juice out of my carpet last night decide that I need to get back into my creative realm. I so need to get my craft on! And I think I can feel my mojo coming back!

I am so looking forward to the next couple of months. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas time, and can't wait to make some super exciting crafts....I'll most likely post them over on my stamping blog, so check me out over there if you want to see what I've been up to!

Have a beautiful day!

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