Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last night we played pinochle with some good friends. It was a great night! Except for the fact that Kerry and I tanked in our card playing abilities. We got schooled! Badly! And to think that we were the ones who originally taught them how to play the game.

It's amazing the conversations that occur during a card game.
One of the conversations was about new podcasts that we were listening to. We thought it would be funny to create a podcast or blog about all the crazy topics that come up during a card game.
And there were some good ones last night.

I was so happy that the three older boys were able to go and spend the night with their grandparents, and that we were able to spend some good quality times with our friends. We didn't get home until 2 am......I felt like a college girl all over again!

I feel that having this new baby kinda got us out of our regular routine for a while.
It's feels good to be back!
Have a beautiful day!

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