Thursday, August 26, 2010


One of my biggest 'wants' in life is pretty simple. A toilet all to myself. Someday, I will have this, and not any of my boys, not even Kerry (sorry sweetie) will be allowed to use it. At that point in my life, I am hoping to never have to put down a toilet seat and ask someone to flush again.

Until then, I have to come up with something. There has to be a way. If I could have a recorded message that played in the bathroom when a boy would be amazing. 'Please replace the toilet to it's original pre-use status' it would sweet and so kind, just like the lovely lady who asks you to return your tray table and seat to their full and upright positions on an airplane flight.

Or perhaps a reward system could be put in place, like when you put the toilet seat down and flush, a little treat comes out from a dispenser above the toilet. Positive reinforcement. But then again, these are boys we are dealing with here, and if that were the case they would never leave the bathroom. However, the rest of my house would stay clean.

And I thought potty training was hard. Its nothin' compared to this. Seriously....can one ever train a boy correctly in this department?

Have a beautiful day!

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