Saturday, August 28, 2010


This evening we went over to some of our friends' house. We had a little gathering with some family & was a really nice evening. Great food, great company, and beautiful weather.....couldn't ask for a lovelier time.

Everything was going so well.

And then it happened.

All the kids were left in the house, for, I kid you not, like 1 minute and in that time, Cody and Dylan decided to come back outside. Cody had taken off his socks, and ran back to get them, when Iris came running around the corner at the same time and BAM! Cody's cheek met Iris' forehead, and we had instant woundage.

Poor little kids.

I felt so bad for both of them, but probably more so for Iris, who is only 5, and is a girl and an only child....and probably isn't used to all the crazy bumps and bruises and wounds that come with being around boys....especially my boys.
I cant explain how terrible I feel. I know it was an accident, but still, I just have this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think being a mom of 4 boys, I don't react that much to these types of things happening. I just figure that there is bound to be accidents and bumps and scrapes along the path of life. It just feels so crummy when it involves others.
Hopefully Iris is doing okay.....we all headed off to two different ER's at about the same time. I am hoping that they were able to glue her like they did Cody! The ER doc gave us the choice between glue & steri strips and stitches.....and I wanted stitches, because I think that the scar will be less noticeable, and also, he is an almost 9 year old boy, who is very active and busy and has soccer practice and school and recess....and I could think of a million other things, but Cody won out....the doc was on his side too....I don't think he wanted to put stitches in so close to his eye, with the chance that Cody might not have been able to hold completely still.
On the positive side of things, Cody and I got some great one-on-one time together while we were in the ER. I really love that kid. He is really an awesome human being, and I feel so blessed to be his mom! Here's a picture of us when we got home from the hospital!
Have a beautiful day!

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