Monday, June 28, 2010


The kids were out pulling some weeds this morning. I pay them .50 a bucket to do this during the summer.
After pulling a bucket or two, Dylan asked to be paid. I reminded him that I pay everyone at the end of the week.
Then I asked him what he needed the money for so urgently since we are not planning on leaving the house today. He said that he wanted to go to Target to buy himself a Lego set.
I told him he didn't have enough money yet, knowing that he spent all the money he had at the school's book fair a number of weeks ago, and only had $5, that the Tooth Fairy left for him for loosing his very first tooth on the last day of school.
He told me he had $26, so I asked to see it, thinking he wanted to trick me with Monopoly money or something.
Lo and behold, he had a twenty dollar bill in there. I asked him where he got it, and he told me that he got it out of Sam's wallet.
Off to find Sam.
When I asked Sam, he said he found it on his bedroom floor. (Oh, how I wish I lived in a world where I found twenty dollar bills on my floor all the time!) I then gave him the "mom" look, and asked him again, and he said he took it out of my wallet. Come to think of it, the last time I checked I thought I was a bit short on I know where to look!!!
Stealing stolen cash.......we're off to a great start for the summer!
Have a beautiful day!

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