Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laundry, Doughnuts, and a Crying Baby

You know those Chocolate Frosted Hostess Mini Doughnuts? Love em..... They are my one chemically filled, preservative packed indulgence.There was a package of them on the food storage shelf in the laundry room (they were totally on sale this week). I had to have some while dealing with the massive amounts of laundry I have going on today. I think I've eaten at least 12 of them and my stomach is beginning to feel a bit sick.
And I wonder why I'm not losing any of this baby weight.

I think today is going to be filled with loads of laundry that won't all get folded, putting children in time outs over and over again for things that they know better of, and wishing I could get to the things that I really want to do.

I was on one of my blogging friends' blog today....and she has been cleaning out, organizing, and getting so much done in her home....I really try hard in life not to be jealous (it's so not good for the soul) but found myself being a bit envious of her time and everything that she has accomplished. Don't get me wrong....I am so happy for her. It's so great that she has been able to all of this, and has total motivation to do more. I am thankful to her, because she has inspired me.

I want to stamp so much. I have my stamping cupboards that so desperately are in need of getting cleaned out and organized.

I want to go through all the close in my closet and dresser, and CLEAN HOUSE. I have been feeling so weighted down lately with all of the stuff that is taking up space in my life and my house. I want to go through it all and get everything super organized.

But in the place that I am in right now in life with a 5 week old baby, it doesn't appear that it will happen any time soon. Or it will just have to happen in little bits here and there. Cuz I can't get anything done with a crying screaming baby. Not good for him or me.

That brings me to one of my struggles in life......accepting that there is a time and a place for everything......right now, perhaps, is not my time for massive cleaning and organizing. It's my time to sit and love on my new baby.....because he is already growing and changing so fast, and this time is not going to last forever.

What are some of your indulgences......

What are you dying to get accomplished in your life?

I'll keep you updated on the chance that I get to any of the things I previously mentioned.

Have a beautiful Day.


  1. Ya know I have the same problems everyday. With 4 kids and one only 6 months I feel I have little time for myself or crafting. I feel stretched so thin. I want to have a clean and organized house so I can stop yelling at my kids for getting in to everything that is all over (that they shouldn't be playing with)and I haven't picked up and put where it belongs. I want to make my online store a successful business so when my kids are in school I can work from home. Well heck just be able to make some money from home now would be great but I know business' take time. I wish I knew how to organize my day so I have time for everyone and everything. I have however come to the realization that if my laundry doesn't get done or my dishes don't get washed all the time, it isn't the end of the world. I try to do the best I can and I am sure with 4 boys you are doing a wonderful job. Enjoy your children and don't stress about organization, like you said there will be a time and place for all to happen that you want to get done. Your kids need you now more than ever.
    Hope you have a great Sunday!!

  2. My indulgence is sewing, blogs, reading, and writing.

    My wish is getting rid of the junk that is weighing down my house.

    Just remember that every thing has a season. My baby is almost 6 and on her way to Kindergarten. I can't kiss my bigs kids anymore (it's just "not cool") and my little one doesn't let me hold her as much. LOVE on that baby, cause it will fly by, and there won't be little ones to hold. Don't get me wrong--I love having a built in babysitter, all my kids can get their own cereal, and in two months I'll have them all out of the house for a three hour stretch. But there isn't anyone to take a nap with anymore.